EZ Apps 4 CLIO


Absolutely no purchase necessary
App / Feature $/user/month
EZ Clio - Stylize $0.00
EZ Clio - Relationship Picker $0.00
EZ Clio - Contacts Finder $0.00

You can use all premium apps, FREE of charge, on a trial basis for 14 days or until the BETA testing period is over. After the trial or BETA testing phase is over, the prices per app and in some cases per feature within an app will be as follows
App / Feature $/user/month
EZ Apps (Core - Required) $4.99
EZ Ring (App) $3.99
EZ Remind (App) $3.99
EZ 360 Email(App) $3.99
EZ Google Editor (App) $2.99
EZ Clio - Report - Daily Activity $1.99

* All apps require subscription of EZ Apps (Core) which is auto enabled in the background when you install EZApps