EZ Apps 4 CLIO by US Legal PRO

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FREE until you really start using it. If you start finding it useful, price will be $10 per/user/month

1. What is EZ Apps?
Suite of Apps for Clio. Some of the apps are EZ Reminder (for sending reminders), EZ OCR (for bulk OCR), EZ Gmail/365 (for logging emails in Clio)
2. What is EZ Drive?
EZ Drive is FTP implementation of Clio - imagine Google Drive or Dropbox but for files in Clio. EZ Drive is the parent of all other EZ Apps. You need EZ Drive to use other apps
3. What FTP client is recommended for EZ Drive?
For Widows - WINSCP, For Mac - Cyberduck, For IOS - FTP Manager. However you can use any out in the market or ask your tech support as EZ Drive use open FTP protocal
4. What are FTP connection details for EZ Drive?
Server: clio.ezcollab.com / Port: 21 / Encryption: TLS SSL Explicit / User name: Clio Email / Server Response timeout (Optional): 300 seconds
5. What about the password for FTP connection?
Click here to generate ontime password
6. What are the steps for connecting?
Download FTP client from FAQ 3 and use connection details from FAQ 4 and 5. Note: The client for Windows already has all the connection parameters preconfigured. You can talk to your tech support if you run into issues or contact us
7. In which virtual FTP path are Clio documents stored?
8. What features are supported?
Create, Modify, Move, Rename
9. Can I bulk upload files?
Yes you can upload any number of files and folders
10. Can I sync Clio with Google Drive, One Drive, Box or Dropbox?
No and yes. No because we do not provide any tool for syncying. Yes because since EZ Drive uses open FTP protocal and you or your tech support could easily find software that are readily available in the market for syncying using EZ Drive's FTP protocal
11. Can you create custom reports on EZ Drive?
Yes - it is very easy to create reports on EZ Drive platform and reports can be generated in Microsoft Excel format or any other in a matter of a day or two

Contact us at info@uslegalpro.com for installation